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Asbestos is used because of its heat resistance. Usually, this material mix with other building material, so the buildings will not be flammable. If your house is built prior to 2004, chances are it may content asbestos.

Do you know if the exposure of asbestos-caused cancer named mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a dangerous cancer that attacks the vital organs in our body. The primary cause of this illness is the exposure of asbestos. Commonly, this will happen to someone who is working in the industrial, construction, and carpentry environment.


What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancer that attacks several organs of the body. The organs are pleura (lungs), peritoneum (stomach), and heart. Even though the issue of mesothelioma is rarely found but it has been categorized as an aggressive cancer.

The Symptoms of Mesothelioma

The symptoms of the disease are increasing slowly day by day, and it usually takes twenty to thirty years to know if someone has Mesothelioma. Common symptoms of Mesothelioma, such as:

  1. Have cough with unimagined pain.
  2. The short of breath due to the fluid inside the chest.
  3. Weight loss for no reason.
  4. An unusual lumps behind the skin of the chest. 

The Causes of Mesothelioma

The valid causes of this disease are unclear, but mesothelioma primarily caused by asbestos or the range of age above 65 is considered to have a high percentage of sticking with the disease.

The Diagnosis of Mesothelioma

The diagnosis of mesothelioma can be known by doing some test, such as:

  1. Rontgen photo. Rontgen is doing to detect abnormalities such as thickening in the lung lining, liquid in the pleural cavity or changes in lung shape.
  2. C.T. Scan. C.T. scan is doing to examine the chest and stomach area to detect tumor sign, determine its location and check whether it has spread all over the body.
  3. PET (Positron Emission Tomography). PET is using a radioactive atom to check the tumor inside the body.
  4. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). MRI is doing to get further detail about the location of the tumor.

The Stadium of Mesothelioma

Based on the level of the cell of spread. The stages divide into four stages:

  1. Stage 1: the cells of tumors are the only tenant in a specific place; they are not moving. Surgery is the right option to remove the tumor. The percentage of life of a patient is around 1-12 months or more.
  2. Stage 2: the size of tumors is more prominent, and the cells begin to move and spread into the closest area. A surgery can be done to remove the rumor, but it has not useful. The percentage life of patients around 2-19 months or less.
  3. Stage 3: the cells of cancer is spreading farther than before. Surgery even more not useful but can be done in the right circumstances to remove the tumors. The percentage life of patients around 16 months.
  4. Stage 4: the cells of cancer is spreading to the entire body through the bloodstream. The percentage of life of the patient is the lowest, around 12 months.

The Therapy Process of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is one of the rare cancer which has no medicine until now. Many treatments have been done to avoid the risk of cancer and prolong the percentage of patient’s life. Therapy is doing due to factors such as the age and condition of the patient, the stage of the cancer, the size of mesothelioma, and the distribution of the cancer cells.

Based on the factors above, there are some recommendations for treatment, which are:

  1. Chemotherapy, a therapy system with anticancer drugs to shrink the tumor and reduce the risk of cancer reappearing.
  2. Radiotherapy, a therapy with X-rays and proton rays that focused on specific areas of the body.
  3. Surgery. Surgery is most effective if mesothelioma is at an early stage.
  4. Multimodality therapy. The therapy is combined between three or more treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

How To Prevent Mesothelioma?

Try not to contact with everything contains asbestos. If you work in a high-risk environment of asbestos exposure, then follow the safety rules given by the company. Remember always to use protective equipment while working in a high percentage of asbestos exposure. And also, take a shower and get clean to prevent asbestos exposure.

In the end, the exposure of asbestos harms humans’ bodies, especially in health. So, you have to obedient to safety guidelines to prevent yourself. Besides, you have to do some sampling and surveys to determine how significant the percentage of asbestos materials inside the buildings.

But remember to check the material with a trusted company such as The professionals will lead you from the first step and give a valid data.

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