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Tips and advice to find a job for freshers in New Zealand during COVID-19


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic going on for the past months has brought a major setback to how businesses are operating since companies should now align to specific rules set by the government periodically. One significant impact of this is how it becomes more difficult to find a job during this pandemic because businesses are mostly cutting down their labor expenses to survive this new normal flow. 

Consequently, this then says even worse results for fresh graduates. Since companies are currently trying to limit any risks possible, this also means that they tend to invest more in skilled, well-experienced workers. New recruitments are limited today, and this has brought freshers into trouble. Thus, how can freshers find a job in New Zealand in this challenging era?

There are still ways to cope with this crisis. Here are 5 tips on how to find a job for New Zealand freshers during the pandemic.

Develop New and On-Demand Skills

Although jobs are getting highly limited today, there are increases in demand for other jobs in need due to COVID-19. This usually involves digital skills, noting that this pandemic has forced businesses to embrace online operations more than ever to adapt to the physical distancing restrictions.

With that being said, you can first make use of this lockdown time to gain new skills in these demanded jobs. This mainly includes IT skills to develop websites for online shopping, digital marketing skills, social media management, and so much more. These skills are also mostly available to be learned via the online world itself – there are often free online classes on these skills or explanatory YouTube videos, which can help you a lot.

Look For Remote Internships and Freelance Jobs

While permanent or contract jobs may be limited these days for freshers, internships and freelancing may be optional. Companies may prefer having interns or freelancers today because they do not have to be in a contract for a full period with employees – thus risking paying for salaries throughout a long period of time while not knowing how much longer the pandemic will last.

Therefore, freshers can make use of this opportunity to look for internships and freelance jobs available. A lot of internship and freelance jobs are also moving remote today – this then makes it more efficient for you because you do not have to pay transport for such short-term jobs. 

Maximize Your Online Interviews

An interview can be a crucial aspect of job recruitment, which may change the fate of your job finding as a fresher. However, COVID-19 also means recruitment processes are all going online, including the interviews. That means you have to make sure that you are familiar with this online interview, since there may be different aspects to maximize.

Some online interview tips include ensuring your computer and Internet connection are on track, picking a suitable spot with no distractions, dressing professionally, and practicing in front of the camera beforehand. You can always look more at other tips before you do the online interviews and practice them frequently. 

Expand Your Networking

For professional terms, people do advise freshers to expand their networking to succeed in job findings. You may think that the pandemic has also limited our capabilities to socialize and network with new people, thus making this trip less effective. However, if you think about it, the pandemic may have surprisingly made it easier instead for you to expand your network.

Everyone is intensely moving online today, and that includes socializing with other people. This means that you get a higher chance to be able to know more people online. This way of communication also means that you will get to know people from different regions worldwide, thus effectively expanding your network. 

Expand Your Job Research

Finally, make sure that you put more effort into the process of job researching itself. Expand the range of your job-seeking several online platforms, and look for as many jobs that suit your qualifications. Do not rely on a particular job that you have applied through one platform, but do researches on other platforms to back you up. New Zealand jobs can often be found on many websites like,,, and many more.

Those are the 5 tips that you can apply to effectively find a job as freshers in New Zealand during this pandemic. Have a try on them, and good luck!

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