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We don’t always get it right the first time. When we don’t get it right, we fix it and quickly.

Specialist Worker

(This amount changes) In New Zealand we have over 80 Trades / Specialist employees across Civil, Construction, Logistics and Engineering; our specialty being Asbestos work. On top of this our short term solutions offer labourers, hammer hands, drivers and machine operators etc.

About APG Labour

Our Values

Labour Hire

We are a well established labour supply company that believes that everybody is qualified to do things and is talented.

Forward Thinking

We are very diverse and we respect differences – they make our company rich in values, ideas and performance.

Open MInd

Our main focus is now and building the future together. Our doors are open for people that have been turned down by others.


We provide training and educate our candidates in their roles. We strongly believe that we can ignite our future together.

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