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Agreement to Supply Services

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Agreement to Supply Services

Asia Pacific Group agrees to perform the Services described in the Statement of Work for the Client, and the Client agrees to pay the Fees, on the terms set out in the general terms and conditions (General Terms).The General Terms (and schedules referred to in the General Terms) are available at and may be amended by Asia Pacific Group from time to time.

Statement of work

This form is governed by New Zealand's Electronic Transactions Act 2002 (Act)

Our Values

Labour Hire

We are well stablished labour supply company that believes everybody is qualified of doing things and talented.

Forward Thinking

We are very diverse and respect the differences as it makes our company rich in values and ideas and performance.

Open MInd

Our main focus is now and building future together. Our doors are open for people that also they have been turned down by others.


We provide training, educate our candidate in their roles. We strongly believe we can ignite our future together.

Case Closed

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