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Asbestos Sampling

The issue

Asbestos use within building materials and products did not cease until 2004 when the asbestos regulations were introduced. This means that if your premises were constructed prior to 2004, there is a chance that it may contain asbestos.

THe Solution

If you’ve discovered asbestos in your premises, you should organise an asbestos survey ASAP. The right survey will discover the extent of the asbestos in your building, & develop a plan to manage the risks & keep everyone safe.

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Management Suveys
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Survey types

Asbestos Management Survey

This is the standard survey type, ideal for most homes and businesses where owners suspect that there is asbestos in their building, but do not plan on renovating, demolishing or otherwise disturbing the fibres.

Demolition/ Refurb Survey

If your premises fits the following criteria, you are legally required to conduct an asbestos demolition and refurbishment survey before carrying out demolition or renovation on any structure:

  • Constructed or installed before 1 January, 2000; or
  • Asbestos has been identified; or
  • Asbestos is likely to be present.

Contamination Survey

If you suspect your building or site has been contaminated by asbestos during renovation, a natural disaster, or other catastrophic event, then it’s advised that you undertake an asbestos contamination survey.

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